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What's on your horizon? We're here to help!


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Hi, I'm Courtney!

I am the founder and principal advisor of Luminosity Financial Group.
Thank you for stopping by!

September 6, 2016 is a day I will remember forever. It was the day my father was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 59. My family was left heartbroken and with few options for future care for my dad. Many steps along this path have been difficult to navigate. This journey sparked my desire to launch a financial planning practice, specializing in helping families find quality care for their loved ones without losing everything in the process. I love to be a light, a voice filled with hope and confidence in the lives of those around me.

Luminosity is an intrinsic brightness, the quality of being intellectually brilliant, enlightened and inspired. As a financial advisor, my passion is to empower others to take control of their future through education and proactive planning. Whatever is on your horizon, we would love to partner with you to create a personalized financial plan that will light your way to a bright and shining tomorrow.


What's on your horizon? We're here to help!
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